Episode 100 – Two Reasons To Celebrate

Happy 9th Birthday Awesome Junior!

Laura  is knitting another test knit for Stitchnerds (pattern not available yet) called Thistles out of Nashua Creative Focus Superwash. She has also cast on this premie hat for  Knitting Brooklyn‘s/Remembering Remy’s premie hat kal.  You can find out more info here in Knitting Brooklyn’s Ravelry group.

Leslie is knitting on a pair of socks out of handspun. She has also cast on an Evenstar out of Tempted Yarn.

Laura has finished the Aviatrix hat out of leftover handspun.

Awesome Junior spun some Cloudlover! Go Kobe!

Laura has spun Twisted Fiber Arts Fine Wool in Terrian. Currently on the wheel is a batt from Dawning Dreams (3 oz).

Book Review: Westknits Book 3 by Stephen West

Trifecta of Awesome Fiber Club “As You Wish”

You Are My Sunshine Yarn

Lost City Knits: 10% with the code knitgirllls

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

16 Responses to Episode 100 – Two Reasons To Celebrate

  1. Susan Engel says:

    OMG, I loved the Piper’s journey shawl from episode 99. Could not find any show notes last week, but found them today and immediately ordered the pattern from Quince&Co. I can’t wait to make this!! Love you guys and wait impatiently every week for the show. Your like my own kids and a lot of fun!! Glad I found your website.
    Bye y’all, Sue

  2. judy m says:

    Your shawl is beautiful! Your son is a cutie patootie!
    Do you have a favorite way to start circular shawls?
    I am working on a circular baby blanket and it took
    several tries to get started. I would be interested in
    hearing what you and Laura have to say on the topic.
    Thanks. Enjoy watching your show.

  3. Happy Birthday to Leslie’s adorable son aka Cobie! Happy 100th episode!

  4. Karen says:

    Coby is adorable. Congratulations on 100 episodes! It’s always fun to watch and knit.

  5. Gina says:

    Congratulations on 100 amazing episodes Leslie and Laura! Happy 9th Birthday to Mr. Jr. Awesome! He is so adorable!

  6. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    Hi Girls,
    belated birthday wishes to Kobe, hope it was a good one.
    congratulations on reaching 100 episodes.
    Laura, the preemie hat will have a lovely finish with the colour of yarn used.
    The Aviatrix hat is lookong good, and I love the colour of yarn chosen for future hats.
    Cute buttins you have chosen.
    Leslie, great work on the evenstar. Never seen one at such an early stage, and can now appreciate the centre pattern
    At that price for needles, ($40, I think.) I would definitelt consider paying extra for some i.d. put on.
    Safe travel this week
    take care,

  7. Tracie says:

    Happy 100th Episdoe!!!! Happy Birthday to Codie woohooo love birthdays. Well Leslie that shawl is beautiful love love love it. I myself would like to know how you start off with the round shawl maybe you can do a tutorial to help us out. Well Leslie have a safe trip. Laura great hat for a baby nice job and to think you have seven baby showers good luck you. As always love the show looking forward to next week Ohh by the way still knitting up that sock doing it magic loop the after thought heel. I hope to have one finished to show you girllls this will be my very first finished pair that I have not thrown across a room LOL and gave up on.

    Love you Girllls you are the Best!

  8. I love the Pipers Journey Shawl and immediately downloaded it. I can’t wait to start on it. I am knitting the Ashton Shawl and have restarted it 5 times, I think I need to let it rest for a while. Love the show.

  9. Pat says:

    Congrats on 100 episodes! It’s always a pleasure spending time with you. Looking forward to the next 100 🙂

  10. Rowena Philbeck says:

    Love your blog and Laura Happy Birthday early. My daughter’s birthday is the 30th of March as well. Will check out the 3 Irish Girls site for the yarn they are pre-ordering. Thanks so much!!

  11. Charlene Roof says:

    Happy 100th

    Love you 2!!!


  12. Abigail says:

    Happy 100 and thanks for the heads up about the TIG colorway!! Wow, that’s beautiful. I’ve made that my second skein purchase of the year. Not that I need more sock yarn but you know….


  13. Kelly N. says:

    Happy 100! And I’m so excited that I won the contest!!!!

  14. Kate says:

    Thanks for another great episode, I enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to Coby (sp?) and he is darling, – a happy healthy child – you are so blessed Leslie. Also Happy Birthday to Laura since the celebration is all month, I may as well get started, right? I feel compelled to look for the West knits book now, there are some very cool things in there. I especially like your book reports Girllls, I have a real thing for knitting pattern books and books that have some chatter in them as well. It’s nice to have an opportunity to see them and get your take on them before I order them cold off the net if my LYS doesn’t have them. Currently I am deconstructing a hexagonal afghan square so I can crochet the rest of it for a friend who’s aunt didn’t finish it before she was called to the big crochet/knitting club in the sky. No pattern left with it. And her gauge is super tight. Ah, the things we do for people….But I got a start on it while I watched you and that took away some of the pain. NOt much, but some. So thanks again.

  15. Susan Pandorf says:

    Happy 100th girllls!

    Leslie: glad you are enjoying the Evenstar; gorgeous work! Thanks for the positive reviews – mwah!

    Maybe I can return the favor w/ a Knitgrllls discount – say $2 off for the duration? That way, if peeps want to knit along, they can. Just let me know

    Also, we are starting a KAL for the Mithril vest next week: 3 mos long so plenty of time. There will be LotR inspired yarny prizes to hand out and I am donating $2 from each Mithril pattern purchased during those 3 mos to Knitters w/o Borders.

    Love you!


  16. AnnaMarie says:

    I adore pi style shawls and have been lusting after Evenstar for years but afraid to try it. Hearing how wonderfully it is written and seeing how beautiful the one you are knitting is… well… I may have that pattern in my cart now. I suspect the button shall be clicked soon.

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