Ep103 – Now With Extra Gluttony


Laura is knitting  a pair of Simple Skyp socks out of Socks that Rock Medium Weight in Sugarplum on size 2 (2.75mm) needles.

Leslie  is  knitting on an Evenstar out of Tempted Yarn. She got some beads for it from here (wodigewaya is the person who gave her the tip on Rav, Thanks!) .  If you would like to knit Evenstar as well, Susan Pandorf is offering a $2 discount if you use the code: theknitgirllls on Ravelry.

Leslie is also knitting a pair on Georgia on my Mind socks (pattern coming soon) out of Barking Dogs Yarns in her Opposites Attract base.  The colorway is Antony and Cleopatra

Laura has finished a Chubby Chirp out of Handspun. She also knit a Milo on size 7 (4.5 mm).  We failed at putting in the pic, but you can find it and all the details on my Ravelry project page.  Laura has also been inspired by the AmphibiaKnits blog (Thank you Jennifer!) to finish her second Persephone Returns sock (pattern now available).

Leslie has finished 2 of  this premie hat for  Knitting Brooklyn‘s/Remembering Remy’s premie hat kal.  You can find out more info here in Knitting Brooklyn’s Ravelry group.

Laura has spun an inglenook  fibers batt in Honeysuckle on Leslie’s sidekick (260 yards N-plied). On the Bug, is a Miss Babs merino/silk fiber in the Fall pansy colorway.  Laura has cleaned her spinning palette with some Giggle Jelly Balls on it in the Candied Violets colorway (225 yards of a 2-ply).  She has finished a Loop batt in the African Violet colorway (395 yards).    She is spinning  Unwind Yarn Company fiber in the Morning Sky colorway. Laura used Spin Art by Jacey Boggs to play around with autowraps.

Leslie is spinning a  Loop batt in the Ocean Breeze Colorway.

Book review: Noni Flowers by Nora J. Bellows

Star Knits wonderful bags and other goodies

Thank you for the birthday yarn and Kinder Eggs HNordquist

Congrats to Carin and Eric on their engagement!

Deerfield Creek supported spindles and wraps per inch tools.

Loop batt gluttony by Leslie

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

177 Responses to Ep103 – Now With Extra Gluttony

  1. Kelley says:

    Another great episode! I always look forward to watching you guys with my Monday morning coffee and knitting time.

    I just love the persephone socks. So excited to knit these! 🙂

  2. Charlene Roof says:

    Love you two!! You make my day! Hugs!!!

  3. Carol says:


    The elderly should not trust their memory.

  4. LaLa says:

    Snicker. Thanks Carol! I miss seeing you! When’s the grandbaby coming?

  5. Lisa Leavitt says:

    I love those Loop batts! I’m hooked now too. And I love the Persephone pattern! Very pretty.

  6. Charlene Roof says:

    LaLa where did the wrap per inch gnome come from! Adorable!

  7. LaLa says:

    Deerfield Creek, she’s linked above

  8. Sheri says:

    You girllls do such a great job! The loop batts make me want to learn to spin.

  9. StacieB says:

    Loved this episode! It was so funny that Laura had one thing on the needles to share, Leslie had two AND she started a pair of socks that will be mismatched – LOL!

  10. LittleSweetPea says:

    I love watching your podcast,I look forward to it every week and share it with others. Please keep up the good work 🙂 And when I find myself stuck for ideas as to what to make next, sometimes your show gives me good ideas of where to start next, thank you

  11. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! Love the show!! And thanks for all of the enabling. 🙂

  12. Ruth Colville says:

    I just enjoyed another podcast with you both. I am not a spinner, but I think I get closer each week that you talk about what you have been spinning. I also loved the Persephone sock pattern. Thanks for your inspiration.

  13. Rowena Philbeck says:

    Enjoyed your podcast. You give so much information and I love the reviews you give about different companies etc that offer fiber and patterns etc.

  14. Cherie Maxson says:

    You guys are SUCH enablers! I bought a gigglejelly before watching this weeks podcast, now I’m going to have to look at the Loops bats, and you sent me to Tangerine Designs for a sheep bag a couple of weeks ago! Can’t wait to see Leslie’s mismatched socks! And Persephone’s Return is one of my favorite LaLa designs. Thanks, ladies. You’re the best podcast.

  15. Ellen Crockett says:

    Great episode – I especially liked the Barking Dog yarn!

  16. Mandy says:

    Leslie, I am astounded at how fast you are going on your Evenstar. I need to get mine out of hibernation!

  17. Julie says:

    Great show again!

  18. Laura says:

    Well great, now I want some Loops batts myself…

  19. Britni Ewing says:

    Beautiful pattern, wonderful show! Thanks for the hard work you put into doing your show every week! I appreciate having something to watch every Monday. 🙂

  20. Wanda in Ar says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! Another wonderful show.

  21. tangledknits says:

    Great episode as always! 🙂

  22. Joyatee says:

    Y’all are such great enablers!!!! Thanks so much for offering the Persephone Returns sock as a giveaway!

    P.S. The thing I had to type into the little box to prove that I’m not a robot was “Anthony.” Very fitting with this week’s podcast! Haha.

  23. DebKnits2 says:

    Love the Loop!

  24. Hollis says:

    I started watching your show in January. You guys are great. I look forward to watching you gals every week. Thanks

  25. Samantha says:

    Thank you so much for making me smile all day long on monday`s! Happy birthday Laura!!!

  26. Anna says:

    Great episode. Love watching you guys!
    Thank you for the chance to win your Persephone Returns sock 🙂
    Happy Birthday Laura!

  27. Karen says:

    Would love the Persephone Returns Sock pattern. Enjoy each week and appreciate your efforts.

  28. Raerean says:

    I can never turn down a pretty sock pattern 🙂 Happy Birthday for Friday Lala

  29. Claudia Collier says:

    So enjoyed this episode and I do love the Persephone socks. I think you might like this website based in England; they sell books, but they also are into textiles and even offer fabric at their store. http://www.persephonebooks.co.uk/

    Happy Birthday Laura…Happy knitting Leslie

  30. Daisy says:

    Iæm looking forward to see what Lala gets for her b’day 🙂

  31. Allena says:

    Those loop batts are beautiful. and I LOVE those supported spindles are beautiful!

    Happy B-day Laura!

  32. Debbie says:

    Hope you have a Great Birthday, Laura!

  33. Camanoah says:

    Your show is a guilty pleasure that I look forward to every Monday morning. Started listening/watching at show #98 and love the ease that you both have with the camera and each other. Have thoroughly enjoyed each broadcast.

  34. Humbirdblue says:

    very pretty socks Laura! Persephone socks are awesome! I Love that Leslie has tried spindling again! never give up.! YEA!

  35. Laura says:

    Great episode and those Persephone Returns socks are very cute! You two are making it really difficult to resist a Loop Batt.

  36. Carla says:

    I can’t get enough Gluttony!

  37. Shelley says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! Every week I learn something new and I’m exposed to wonderful new products. Thanks!

  38. Amy K. says:

    I LOVE the Persephone pattern! It is beautiful! (And I’m not even much of a sock knitter!)

  39. Patricia says:


    Thanks so much for all the ideas you guys have been giving me and pattern suggestions! I am actually knitting piper journey!! So thanks Leslie!

  40. Mim58 says:

    Great episode! Did you hear me yelling, “Antony!”? Love you two together!

    Happy birthday, Laura!

    Leslie, you’ve weakened my resolve to not spin. I might be able to manage a supported spindle!

  41. Sandi Boryczka says:

    I actually was checking out this pattern a few days ago. Thanks for opportunity to win this.

  42. Cathy aka Knitincrazee says:

    Another fabulous podcast!
    What pattern was that gorgeous bag Leslie knit?
    Thank you for the fun and entertainment!

  43. KateJonze says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura! (And I think Leslie should give you the Loop batt that you love.)

    This podcast was so entertaining. I forget what it was (’cause, you know, I’m older than dirt) but Leslie said something that made me laugh out loud around the middle of the video.

    I only have 2 single socks, and oddly enough, one of them is the “Interrupting Cow” test knit. Somehow, I never did the second sock. Which is why I knit two at a time now. On separate needles, but I do them in “parts.” The toe or cuff on one, and then on the other, all the way up (or down).

  44. Amanda W. aka DragonTamerBrat says:

    Another awesome show as always! normal

  45. Karen (KatieMc1229) says:

    Happy birthday month, Laura! I love you both!

  46. Jenifer says:

    The Loop bats are sooooo pretty! Makes this knitter, “who’s never going to spin” want to learn!

  47. Heather says:

    I loved seeing all the Loop Batts. I love the sock thing – although I may attempt finishing 2 second socks before starting a new sock. I have 6 singles atm. Happy Birthday a little early to Lala!

  48. Anna L says:

    Had a rough day and keep thinking when I get home I can watch TKG’s and relax. Thank you it worked. Hap Bday Laura. And pick me to win a Persephone Returns pattern. Please and thanks

  49. You made my blah workday go a little smoother and kept me from smacking people 🙂 I want Barking Dog yarns, I need to break open a piggy bank….

  50. Amy W says:

    Another great episode! 🙂 Stop enabling me to buy yarny stuff! lol!

  51. Gwendolyn says:

    ok, that was some serious Loop gluttony, but so pretty!!! I loved the dusky one you want to make into a shawl Leslie. Happy Birthday Laura, hope its a wonderful one full of fun!

  52. Nicholette says:

    Those persephone socks are freakin adorable. You guys are awesome, and I also love purple! Thank you for your podcast!

  53. Caryn says:

    Love the episode! Can’t wait for the next one!

  54. Lisa Smith says:

    Another great podcast. Thanks to LsLa’s mother for having Laura so we can win prizes!

  55. I am so tempted to buy a Loop batt, but have fought off the temptation so far….you guys are bad enablers! Look forward to watching you each week and knitting along with you!

  56. Josee says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! Great episode, those Loop batts are amazing! Looking forward to the next episode. Have a great week!

  57. Tracy Patterson says:

    Great episode and very interesting book review. HAppy Birthday LAura!!

  58. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday Laura, great episode ladies!

  59. Toni says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! Leslie I happen to love your ‘gluttony ‘ ..thanks for sharing 🙂

  60. Kim says:

    Nice pattern and I love to knit socks. Happy Birthday LaLa!

  61. julie says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  62. Karen says:

    Love the show & have been eying this pattern. Happy Grand Finale Birthday week Laura

  63. Tbird0123 says:

    Still not a spinner but love how excited Leslie gets with the Loop Bats, they are pretty.

  64. Robin says:

    I’m a new listener, and this is my first entry in one of your contests! You mentioned visiting Knoxville a few video casts back, and I wanted to personally invite you to the Clinch River Yarn Company next time you’re in the area- we are just north of Knoxville and would love to meet you!

  65. tigerbeat/Carrie J says:

    Oh! Socks!
    and bring on the gluttony!

  66. Eloise says:

    I missed this pattern in the sock club and have wanted it.

  67. Knitter Kitter says:

    Love watching your podcast! Happy Birthday, Laura! Thank you for a chance to win your lovely sock pattern!

  68. Gerry says:

    Happiest of All Birthdays, Laura.
    Birthdays are The Best. It’s all about you !

    I am NOT a spinner.
    But, do I ever love those LoopBatts

  69. bettina walia says:

    love all the loop goodies and the book review gave me an idea for making some pillows….

  70. Rhonda Cary says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Laura!!!! 🙂

    And Leslie, I totally feel ya on the Loop Addiction!! 😀

  71. Betty says:

    Another great podcast and pattern. Nice seeing you have fun with the Loop batts.

  72. Pat says:

    I would love a chance to win this sock pattern! Love your show! You really help me make it through my treadmill walk!

  73. Good morning ladies! Yea for March 30th birthdays, I turn 25!

  74. Karin says:

    Great episode! Happy Birthday Laura!

  75. Dinobower says:

    I just love your videocasts!! You guys are great! LOVED that bag Leslie!! Beautiful!!! And those socks are beautiful too La La!! Hope I win!!!

  76. Angela says:

    Again, love the podcast! Leslie, that rainbow batt is beautiful (and I don’t even know how to spin!) I’m so sorry Laura was bored during your loop showing… : )

  77. Michelle says:

    Leslie, I love your Evanstar! I bought the pattern & now I want to make one since you’re getting it done so quickly. I love yours in the natural & would love to make one for my daughter some day. Another great show Ladies!

  78. Monique G says:

    Thanks for another enabling podcast (shakes fist). Have a fantabulously wonderful b-day LaLa!!!

  79. Kate says:

    Wait? What? Leslie not only knitting socks that don’t match exactly, but from yarn that doesn’t match exactly? I need to lay down. Thanks for that little expedition in credit card utilization, Leslie. Barking Dog is way cool and I am glad I watched this episode early, before she sold out to the bare walls. I helped clear her store a bit, so if you get any good swag you owe me a thank you note. Not an email either, a NOTE. On CUTE note card paper. That said, it was a fun episode. I do like the Persiphone pattern. I have a sock machine, so I make a lot of socks that are just patterned by the yarn and some ribbing if I feel like wrangling the ribber on and off – so when I do hand knit it’s got to be worthy. If I don’t win a copy, I’ll have to buy one because I would defininitely get out the bamboo DPNs to make that one. Thanks again, I am continually amazed at how much time you guys put into this, and I am wondering when you are going to chuck the day jobs and go full time into the fibercrafting world. And when do we get to knit flowers for you to carry Leslie? As happy as you are for Karen, you owe that to yourself. And I mean that in the sincerest way possible.

  80. katie says:

    Thank goodness I don’t know how to spin or I’d be buying loop batts. Gorgeous colors!!

  81. Jo Anne Wetherell-Moriarty says:

    I’d love to knot the Persephone sock. Happy Birthday!

  82. Katie says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura! Good for your loop buying binge, Leslie! I’d lOve to knit Lala’s new sock pattern!

  83. Donna Charissis aka supersinglemom says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura! My 11 year old daughter’s birthday is this Saturday and I finally finished her skull socks!! She sees me watching your podcast all the time and she helped me take and post the pictures of her socks. She also helped me get started on my “My Wish” shawl and when I wasn’t sure about the colors of the yarns she told me to keep knitting because she loved it and will wear it… it’s turned out better as it is growing so I’m glad I listened to her! She thinks it is so cool that her mother is Ravelry friends with a superstar!!! Keep up the great podcast… I’m so glad you show all your errors as I am so OCD that an error or not being able to do something perfect will cause me to stop in my tracks. You’ve motivated me to finally sew my knit jacket together that has been sitting finished for 2 years. I hate finishing!!! Love you guys!!!!

  84. alicia howard says:

    Happiest of Birthdays!! Love your patterns in general, LaLa!

  85. Chevas says:

    You always make my week wonderful!! Thank you=)

  86. Carmen says:

    I’m amazed with all that you come up with!

  87. Victoria says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura!!@!@!@*

    Love your show,makes me happy every Monday.

  88. Jes says:

    OMG, love love LOVE those loop batts! so gorgeous!

  89. Lynne D says:

    Great episode, Girllls! I didn’t get a chance to enter last week’s contest, but have to say you’re the best enablers ever (as I sit here knitting on my Vesper socks). And not only Vesper – I knit some Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber socks earlier this year, and have some gorgeous Cloudlover fiber at the top of my fiber stash, just to name a few things I just had to have after watching you guys. One thing I’ll say, y’all have terrific taste!

  90. Emily A says:

    I would love a persephone. Such a pretty design.
    Very excited that Leslie is getting closer to putting up the georgia on my mind pattern. I’ve been looking for that one 🙂 Also Leslie, you have piqued my interest in supported spindling. I am just getting the handle of drop spindling but you definitely made it sound like something I might like to try. Of course the TDF spindles were no draw to me at all 😉

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  92. Carrie P. says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!! As usual, awesome show. I have to keep pausing it so I can go online to shop for all the pretty things you show off.

  93. Awesome show!!! So excited to see and download it each week!

  94. Theresa says:

    So tempted by the Loop batts, but thinking it would take forever on a spindle. The only one of Lala’s patterns I have knit so far is the Demeter’s shawlette. I’m looking forward to doing some more.

  95. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!

  96. Holli says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!

  97. Vicki says:

    Stop showing Loop batts! They are so awesome!!! I really am getting the urge to learn to spin. If I do that then I would have to buy a spinning wheel.

  98. Ro Countryman says:

    Good show, Girllls. I continue to be in thrall with Leslie’s Evenstar, and with Laura’s spinning mojo results.

    ps I want to see the Easter Bunny that goes with those BIG Kinder eggs

  99. Rachel says:

    I’m jealous of you lovely loop batts! Hoping to score one in the next update! Have fun at Stitches South I may try & get to the market.

  100. DeMerse says:

    I have been anxiously awaiting the release of that sock pattern so thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    Happy Birthday, Laura!

  101. Jude says:

    Happy birthday Laura!!!!

    And congrats to you both on 2 years of Fabulous Video-casts. I’ve looked forward to everyone of your shows since the beginning.

  102. Maurice says:

    Hi! LaLa and udontcallmeles

  103. Sandy says:

    Love the Loop gluttony! I just started support spindling and love it too.

  104. Kathy Green says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!! Leslie – the Evenstar is beautiful!!!

  105. Ashley says:

    Happy birthday, Laura! Another great episode, as usual!

  106. Robin D says:

    Happy birthday Laura
    Love the supported spindles. You guys are such enablers. I am always buying things you talk about 🙂

  107. Cyndi says:

    because you can never have too many sock patterns!

  108. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! Hope you have a great day. I love watching the show. You guys have helped me find my knitting mojo again. Thanks.

    Stephanie (nupie85 on Rav)

  109. Natasha Childers says:

    Your Evenstar is amazing Leslie and what a wonderful gift for Carin who had to give away the one she made. You are a very generous friend. Laura – your Persephone socks are beautiful.

  110. Angel says:

    Love the podcast!

  111. Alexis says:

    Happy birthday, Laura!

  112. bridgette says:

    You two ladies chatter is great. Thanks for all the information on the great things you find in the yarn and fiber world. I really am itching to purchase a Ladybug. Spinning on a drop spindle is just a bit slow for me. 🙂

  113. Manda says:

    Another lovely episode… Happy (almost) birthday, Laura!

  114. laura sequeira says:

    It takes me so long to get through an episode–I usually stop and look at each shop, book, yarn and pattern y’all talk about. Bought Lala’s sock pattern and bought some Barking Dogs Yarn–Heathcliff and Catherine-think it would make a lovely shawl–using one skein for the body and one for a ruffle…

  115. Becky says:

    I’m just learning to spin and am afraid i wouldn’t do the loop batts justice, but I want some!

  116. Angela in AR says:

    Happy Birthday Laura. Thanks again for a great episode, ladies.

    Love, Angela

  117. Rolene says:

    Happy Birthday Laura –

    I love the podcast and look forward to it every week.


  118. Tracey says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! Thank you both so much for knitting preemie caps in memory of Remy. Her parents are so touched by the generosity and kindness of strangers. But me? I’m thankful for virtual friends like you 🙂
    Wonderful episode! Keep them coming!

  119. Rebecca says:

    Hi guys! Happy b day Laura!

  120. Linda says:

    Happy birthday Laura!!!

  121. Mary says:

    Thank you for reviewing the Noni Flowers book. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive and wanted to mention that there is actually a website for it, http://noniflowers.com, where you can get signed copies and a special bonus pattern that also look amazing! Of course, the price is higher than Amazon — who can compete with them — but it helps the author when a book is bought directly from her.

  122. Ann says:

    Y’all are serious enablers! Love my Tangerine bag and had to immediately order some Barking Dogs Opposites Attract. Thanks for the videocast. I feel like I’m sitting at knitgroup with you!

  123. Rachel says:

    Fun episode and……..Happy Birthday Laura!!!!


  124. Anna says:

    Between ya’ll and those girls doing SSK my bank account has gone down drastically. Barking Dog Yarns — on the way to me right now is the Opposites Attract in the colors “Darcy and Elizabeth” Pride and Prejudice is mine and my DD’s favorite movie and our favorite scene is at the end when Darcy is trying to tell Elizabeth he loves her and kinda gets stuck on the words.

  125. Sue (craftyknitter7) says:

    Awesome episode and love the gifts you got Leslie!

  126. Lara says:

    Happy Birthday, LaLa! Loved the episode of gluttony (exactly what spring brings on!), and Persephone looks like a great sock pattern. I’m on a total top-down sock kick right now…

  127. hahaha great show. You guys are so natural at podcasting / vlogging. keep it up 🙂

  128. crzjane says:

    Hope you have a Super-Duper-Awesome-Earth Shattering Birthday!
    I love the socks, really hope I win a pattern.

  129. Laurie says:

    I am a new viewer but an old knitter. I am enjoying watching the podcast while knitting; today it was a pair of candy cane stripe socks for my daughter. I love the Evenstar; I just found the perfect yarn for mine so hopefully I’ll start it soon.

  130. Helen says:

    The shawl will look beautiful on Carin! She is so lucky to have you as a friend to be knitting her an heirloom!
    If I knew how to spin, I would be a glutton with you. The Loop stuff is amazing!
    Happy almost birthday Laura!

  131. Linda S says:

    A great episode…can’t wait to meet you girls at SSK

  132. stephanie gordon says:

    Would love to start knitting socks – I’m so close… this pattern would be great! Happy birthday, Lala, and Leslie, you are amazing with your shawl knitting! So glad it’s for Karen! ( :

  133. Betty says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Also, someday I would like to try a Loop batt!

  134. Angie (picpurls) says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy LaUrA! Hope you have a wondeful day! Thank you both for the enjoyable podcasts each week. Leslie that shawl is absolutely stunning! It is going to be a precious keepsake for the bride to be!

  135. Kaidy Drivas says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura! Looking forward to the April Fool’s hijinks on the show!

  136. Meg says:

    Love watching you gals. You’ve got me back to knitting socks and now I’m thinking of trying supported spindles!

  137. Casey says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura! I hope you get lots of yarny goodness!
    It was happy to see how the Nerd Girl Yarns yarn knit up in the preemie hat, Leslie! I haven’t gotten to my little skein yet, but I think it will become a wee hat also!

  138. Annie K. says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!

    I, too, enjoy knitting and watching Spike or Angel.

  139. Pam says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! I hope you have a great year.

  140. Tabs says:

    I can’t watch an episode without wanting to buy something!!lol Watching all the early episodes I missed and love you guys!

  141. Heather Y says:

    Happy almost B-Day Laura! Hope you get everything on your list… and that it’ll all fit in Leslie’s house so we can see it!

  142. Jen says:

    Love the show!!

  143. Sue says:

    Love the episode. I so want to learn to spin..happy Birthday Lara.

  144. Joanne says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! And have fun spinning those FABULOUS loop batts, Leslie.

  145. Alyce says:

    You must watch the podcast called “The Rest of Everest”, episode 163 Cash, candy & Contraband. You can start at minute 22:41 it shows the sherpa’s setting up camp and there is a brief shot of a sherpa using a drop spindle. I watched the episode right after I watched yours and was delighted to see it! I am addicted to your podcast and the everest podcast….yes, I like a variety of subjects. Thanks so much ladies, you are fun!

  146. Lynn Koscher says:

    Always enjoy your video podcast. Thank you!

  147. Kathy says:

    Happy Birthday (Month) Laura! 🙂 As always, another great episode. It was almost weird, seeing Leslie talk about making mismatched socks and being excited about it! Funny how we as crazy viewers kinda get to know you girllls!

  148. Gail says:

    Persephone Returns? Gotta have it!

  149. Emily says:

    Love the new sock pattern.

  150. Faith says:

    Awesome episode. I got a little too excited when Leslie talked about her Opposites Attract yarn because it is one of my favorites in my sock drawer and I think everyone should try it. Maybe with Lala’s new pattern?

  151. Helena says:

    hey Leslie,

    I also hate the word faience. we still just called each other boyfriend/girlfriend until we were married.

  152. Leslie says:

    You guys are the highlight of my week! Happy Birthday Laura. Keep up the good work.

  153. Isabelle says:

    I’ve been supported spindle spinning for a year now and i learn from the youtube video of gripping yarn(bookofchange). They are awesome and absolutly love my Rose purplewood spindle that she made me.

  154. Debbie says:

    Laura, thanks so much for explaining how to post then rafflecopter. I am becoming more and more clueless with age.
    Speaking of age, Happy Birthday!

  155. Bonnie says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! We love sharing your birthday month with you!

  156. Kathy 'KnitinPupLick' Dailey says:

    Thanks for the podcasts and tutorials!

  157. Pat Beauregard says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura! Great podcast as always! I look forward to it every week. Thanks for all the great information you share with us.

  158. Elsbeth says:

    Another great episode!

  159. Rosemarie says:

    Loved the Noni book of flowers.

  160. Muriel says:

    Happy Birthday Lala and great job Leslie on your awesome shawl!

  161. Denise says:

    Hi y’all,
    I listen from Beijing China and love having you in my home for my own personal knit group.
    Thanks for bringing great podcast week after week!!
    Happy Birthday Laura, I have a March 26th birthday so our birthdays are close together.

  162. Cathie sue says:

    love watching you two ! Happy Birthday Laura ! @> I really want to get the noni flowers so much detail .

  163. Penny says:

    Hope to meet you at Stitches!

  164. Jessica (showmeyourknits on rav) says:

    Love the supported spindles–I’m intrigued by them!

  165. Denise Katz says:

    I hope Lala had a great birthday. Another fun episode. Thanks for playing haha!

  166. Lisa McGregor says:

    Thanks for the show- I always look forward to watching you guys. Happy Birthday Laura!!

  167. jesdod says:

    I really enjoyed this episode and like the new pattern Lala! Thanks for the pattern giveaways recently. So much fun!

  168. borreberte says:

    I enjoyed this episode. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!!

  169. StacyLoves says:

    Oh happy birthday to you, oh happy birthday to you, may you feel Jesus near, every day of the year, oh happy birthday to you, oh happy birthday to you, and the best year you’ve every had.

  170. Denise~ says:

    Ohhh The Persephone Socks are lovely! Gluttony is fun!

  171. Lisa Stephan says:

    HAPPY B-DAY!!!!! LaLa
    Thanks for the great pattern.

  172. Aimee says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura!! The Persephone socks are soooo pretty!

    I covet your Loop Batts – All of Them!!


  173. Annette says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!

    Leslie – I was so touched when you revealed that you’re making the Evenstar Shawl for Carin.I teared up (I’m such a geek that way). She was making hers when I started watching her podcast, which made me want to make one. I haven’t yet, but I’m going to. Hers was so beautiful. I can’t believe how fast you’re knitting yours! What a beautiful gift!

  174. Marina says:

    Love your show! I had never heard about supported spindles, thanks for showing me something new! Definitely considering getting one.

  175. ANN AKA realmessy says:

    Love you guys, love the show, love loop batts. Always inspired after watching your show.

  176. JanetMelissa says:

    I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I just had to say I LOVE the Barking Dog Opposites Attract!!! Y’all just enabled me to get myself a HUGE birthday present by stocking up on all the yarns I’ll use for all my most special 2012 x-mas gifting!! (yes … I think like that!) And of course I got one for me. Now I’m just trying to think of patterns for shawls and wraps that would look good with these since I’m really more of a shawl than a sock knitter … any thoughts?! 🙂

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