Episode 35 Fail

Hi guys!

The Flip ate the episode (it looks like we might be looking for a new recording device since this has happened twice now).  Sorry for the delay, it sucks on our end too, but we plan on rerecording tomorrow (Monday) night.


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7 Responses to Episode 35 Fail

  1. loel kim (lkmemphis) says:

    Oh, that so sucks! I’ll have to make a donation to help you upgrade your equipment. You guys do so much in responding to everyone; I can’t believe it!


  2. Carin says:

    I love my Logitech webcam! It’s got to stay plugged into the computer so it’s less portable, but I’ve never had a problem with it losing an episode for me.

  3. Lisa B. says:

    Sorry you have to do double work! 🙁

  4. candisrrt says:

    Wow! That is horrible. I feel for ya cause I know you put alot of work into it. I had to eat my cereal this am looking at some old episodes. Poor me! I sure hope it all works out. I love watching your show!
    Candis, Fl

  5. Marni Schroeder says:

    Wow I haven’t had that happen with mine- did the memory overflow or battery fail? I’ve always wanted them to come out with a back up power option.

  6. Jeanette Zimmerli says:

    Love your podcasts. My daughter Karen’s feet will fit the socks( she often buys size 5 girls shoes), and she would love these. She knits slowly on full size projects but does a lot of small(4-12 in height) doll clothes. Keep up the podcasts-I never miss watching them as soon as I’m notified they are posted. This week I was able to download it immediately on my I Touch instead of having to wait a few days.

  7. Urbanhomemaker says:

    My Daughter Heaven(age 10) will fit the socks ( we measured) Please put her in the hat. Kindness Talithia and Heaven

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