Episode 357 – 35 New Projects

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Episode 356 – The Lost Episode


Leslie knit on her July DVD socks out of the Seven Year Itch colorway.


Laura is knitting July DVD socks in Lightning Struck Heart colorway and a Dotted Rays shawl out of handspun.


Laura finished the second Bounce blanket out of Berocco Vintage  


Laura has finished spinning Boil and Bubble Charollais Wool top by Southern Cross Fiber and got 250 yds of a chain ply.  She also plied 4oz of a patchwork kit, 270 yds of a chain ply.  She spun two batts from Joanna Spring/KnitSpinFarm.  #1 was Candy Shop, 280 yds of a 2ply, and #2 was 80’s Beach House – 180yds of a 3ply.  She’s currently spinning another KnitSpinFarm batt in the Frosted Morning colorway and some Corriedale from Hello Yarn in the Tree Glowed colorway.


Leslie is reading Steal The Day.  She finished the second in the Tales of Verania series, Destiny of Dragons.  


Laura is listening to The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner and reading Destiny of Dragons (same as Leslie).


Favorite Things:

Questions from viewers!

Saphroney asks, “Hey Ladies! Since you are both marvelous spinners and both have a pretty good stash of handspun, I was hoping you could give me some ideas on some really good shawl (or other) patterns that really showcase handspun yarn. I am still a pretty newbie spinner, but am getting better all the time and now have a few pretty nice skeins spun up and need some ideas for what to do with them. So far have just knitted hats with my hand spun, but really want to make a nice dk- worsted wgt shawl .. any input would be appreciated.. Thanks!! Really love watching you girls, you crack me up every week– hope all is well with ya!”

Any of the Yowza Weigh it shawls by Susan B Anderson.  Lala’s Simple Shawl.  Mara Shawl.  Dotted Rays.  Groovy.


Swisshughes asks, “If you could purchase one product that would improve your spinning what would it be? I have an Ashford Traditional and am a beginner. Thanks for previous help… I have heard you speak a out Aker works Kate, bobbins, Wooly winders, mini spinners etc. Still learning on this wheel so do not think a new wheel would be the answer but who know. Would love to hear your thoughts.”

Spinning Classes.  


Imruthz asks, “Hi, I have a very “serious” question. I have no control when it comes to yarn, and my stash has gotten LARGE! My question is:

How do you sort/store your stash? Do you have a list of what weights and colors, etc? I need some guidance on how to put my yarn in cupboards or on shelves in a way that I might have some recollection of what I have, and the ability to find it without dumping everything on the bed and going thru it skein by skein.

Thanks in advance.”

Gapsdd asks, “Can you please discuss the difference in worsted spun verses woolen spun to a non-spinner?”


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Episode 355 – Holiday Weekend

Shownotes to follow shortly

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Episode 354 – Choices

Episode 354


Leslie worked on Birch Sap out of WIPyarns in the Castle Stone Colorway.


Laura is knitting socks out of DVD Bing and the Andrews Sisters.  She also worked on the Quicksand sweater out of Fleece Artist Merino Aran in the Smoke colorway.


Leslie finished a Zephyr Cove out of With Pointed Sticks in Seafoaming at the Mouth and Soft Kitty.  She also finished her June DVD socks in Ready Player One colorway “The Woman” mitts from Sherlock Knits out of plucky silk/cashmere.


Laura has  finished  some corespun KnitSpinFarm on a weaving mohair core  final ydg is 238 yds.  Also she spun some Hello yarn Finn and thread plied it for 215 yards.  She finished the Hello Yarn Falkland in the Old Relics colorway; 2 ply 380yds.


Leslie is still listening to the Kate Daniels series on Audible (currently on book 8, Magic Shifts).  She started & finished The Stone Man; contemporary Sci-Fi.  She’s currently reading Steal The Light by Lexi Blake.


Laura is reading Christine Feehan novel, Shadow Reaper.


Favorite Things:

Tiny Weaving Loom

Instagram Live Videos

TruffleShuffle stitch markers


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